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Client — mooneyphoto

Information —  An in-house server meant that mooneyphoto had access to a high end DAM (Digital Asset Management) solution, Canto Cumulus. This system is designed to integrate seamlessly into creative workflows, offers significant performance gains and enhancements for security, web based DAM, automation and usability that benefit users, administrators and project managers alike.

Images can be cataloged internally and shared to relevant clients through the web application within minutes. The features of the site allowed clients with the correct permissions to download or email files at various file sizes, formats and compression. This latest version can fulfill high resolution print ready downloads at 200% larger than the original asset. In the case of mooneyphoto that can mean downloading files at 100mb / 300dpi with maximum compression.

(to access a demo login as, username: guest no password required)
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We offer a number of web based services from basic new builds to more advanced
e-commerce solutions.
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